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Luxe360 Photobooths

Luxe 360 Photobooths goes beyond photo booth rentals. We're event experience experts, elevating corporate gatherings, weddings, birthdays, and more, with our commitment to excellence.

Luxe360 Experience

Elevate your event with a touch of luxury through our cutting-edge 360 photobooth experience. High-quality 4K videos & photos, instantly share with friends, colleagues, and followers. Gain valuable insights with our advanced analytics and data collection features. Discover the ultimate in event photography and leave a lasting impression



Unlimited branding options with custom frames and overlays. Elevate your event with unique branding, dynamic lighting effects, with fun and creative props & accessories.


Cutting-edge technology that allows you to easily share your pictures and videos across social media channels, email, and SMS with accessibility from virtually anywhere.


Award Winning Service & Photobooths

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 Capture Memories You'll Never Forget

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